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Author: Baina Date: Sep 02, 2022

What is the Price of Rubber Extrusion Equipment Related to?

The price of a rubber extruder is related to many factors. We know that there are many types of rubber products that can be extruded by a rubber extruder. For example, rubber pipes, rubber sealing strips, rubber cables and other products are all extruded from rubber. machine for extrusion production. However, different products and different types of products use different types and configurations of rubber extruders in production. We need to choose the type of rubber extruder suitable for our products according to the actual situation of the product.

Because the production cost of rubber extruders with different configurations is different, that is to say, the model and configuration of the rubber extruder directly affect the production cost of the extruder, and also affect the sales price of the rubber extruder. The higher the configuration of the device, the higher the sales price of the device with more functions. Another factor that affects the price of rubber extruders is the consumption of equipment manufacturers in the region. Different regions have different plant rental costs and labor costs when producing rubber extruders. This also affects the production cost of the device.

Factors that affect the price of rubber extruders include the brand of the equipment, the service conditions of the equipment, and the profit size of the equipment manufacturers. When we choose a rubber extruder, we must choose the most suitable rubber extruder according to the actual situation, that is to say, the most cost-effective rubber extruder to produce products for us.


Suitable for extruding rubber (EPDM, natural, Dingqing, butyl, recycled), used for building door and window sealing strips, composite strips for automobile sealing strips, production of single extrusion strips, construction, electrical appliances, machinery, water conservancy Production of compact and foamed rubber products in different shapes such as strips, strips, tubes, plates, etc.

Cold feeding rubber sealing strip extruder: It is a kind of equipment that uses cold rubber for production. The feeding method of the equipment is generally forced refrigeration feeding. The cold feed rubber extruder is characterized by high production efficiency and stable production. Generally, extruders are mostly used to produce sealing strips, rubber tubes and other products that can be produced by the extrusion process. Extruders are rubber machines used to extrude treads, tubes, hoses and rubber profiles.

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