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Author: Baina Date: Jan 15, 2020

Working Principle Of Rubber Hot Air Oven

Rubber hot air ovens generally have heating tubes, and ovens with circulating fans can be called rubber hot air ovens, because no matter what the structure of the oven is, the wind direction is horizontal or vertical. In the final analysis, hot air is circulated inside, so they can be collectively called rubber hot air ovens. Such as electric blast ovens, high temperature sterilization ovens for open doors, etc. However, most of the hot-air circulation ovens in the general industry refer specifically to the ovens shown in the figure above. Other ovens have evolved from the ovens in the figure above. For example, with the requirements of high temperature sterilization, the fan is changed to an air-cooled standardized ring. The fan opens the door before and after, and the air duct is changed, and it becomes a high-temperature sterilization oven for opening the door. The hot air cycle shown above is divided into five standard models. They are single-door bicycles, two-door two-cars, two-door four-cars, three-door six-cars, and four-door eight-cars.
working principle
The air circulation system of the rubber hot air oven adopts the fan circulation air supply method, and the air circulation is uniform and efficient. The air source is driven by a circulating air supply motor (using a non-contact switch) to drive the wind wheel through the heater to send the hot air out, and then to the interior of the oven through the air duct, and then suck the used air into the air duct to become the air source to circulate again. Use with heat. Ensure uniform indoor temperature. When the temperature value swings due to the opening and closing of the door, the air supply circulation system quickly resumes the operating state until it reaches the set temperature value.