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Author: Baina Date: May 13, 2022

Cooling method of Rubber Extruder

The rubber extruder will generate its own temperature during the production process. If we do not cool the equipment, the temperature of the screw barrel will become higher and higher, which will affect the extrusion production of rubber products. Therefore, in the production of rubber extruder, in addition to heating up the screw barrel before starting the machine, the temperature control system is constantly cooling the equipment. Now the commonly used temperature control method of rubber extruder is to control the temperature of the screw barrel through the mold temperature unit, and if it is not equipped with a chiller, a flowing water source is required to ensure the source of cooling water. When the temperature of the screw barrel reaches the maximum temperature we set, the water pump will be started to deliver cooling water to the water circulation system in the barrel to cool the equipment.

In this case, a large amount of water will be used to supply the equipment for cooling, so the general rubber extruder will be equipped with a cooling water machine during production to circulate and cool the water in the water tank to ensure that it can provide cold water for cooling the equipment.

The rubber extruder plays a forming role in the production of rubber products, so we often call it a rubber extrusion machine. So how does the rubber extruder extrude the product into the shape we need? How does the device work? Before the rubber extruder produces the product, the molding die and die should be designed according to the shape and structure of the product. Then install the die head and mold for molding on the equipment suitable for the production model. Then we energize the equipment to heat up. We adjust the production temperature of the equipment according to the type of rubber. When the temperature of the screw of the rubber extruder rises to the temperature we need, we can start the equipment and start the feeding system. Filled with rubber.

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