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Author: Baina Date: May 20, 2022

Rubber Extruder's Lagging Process

There are many rubber products that need to be wrapped with rubber during production to achieve insulation or anti-collision effects. For example, rubber cable, rubber tube outer coating, etc. In this production process, the model of the rubber extruder is selected according to the diameter of the product and the amount of glue used. Then the rubber extruded by the equipment is compounded with other raw materials through the T-die of the rubber extruder equipment. When producing this kind of encapsulated product, we need to design the die and die of the extruder according to the mouth shape of the product.

For example, when producing a single metal wire rubber wire, we need to combine the product to design the mold core formed on the die. The metal wire is combined with the extruded rubber through the die to form the product structure we need. After the product is extruded and produced, it is vulcanized through the vulcanization equipment to complete the production of the product. The production methods of different rubber products are different, we need to choose the production equipment and production methods according to the specific products.

The function of the rubber extruder we have seen is mainly to process the rubber and then shape it. However, there are many types of rubber extruders, not only for extrusion molding. For example, rubber extruders can also be used as pre-forming extrusion equipment for some die-casting products, and can also filter out the impurities of reclaimed rubber. That is to say, it is used as a rubber filter. Therefore, there are many functions of the rubber extruder, mainly extrusion molding.

Our common rubber wires, sealing strips, rubber pipes and some large rubber pipes and engineering rubber products are also produced by rubber extruders for extrusion production. In addition, some composite rubber products require two or more rubber extruders for co-extrusion during production. This needs to design the forming die head of the product according to the structure of the product, and finally extrude it into the shape of the product we need through the cooperation of multiple units.

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