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Author: Baina Date: Dec 16, 2022

Maintenance Method of Rubber Extrusion Production Line

Maintenance method of Rubber Extrusion Production Line:

1. The rubber extruder machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat of the motor is dissipated to prolong its life; the machine should be well grounded.

2. Regularly check the tool screws. After using the new machine for 1 hour, use tools to fasten the screws of the moving knife and fixed knife to increase the fixity between the blade and the tool holder. Lubricant oil should be added to the bearing regularly to ensure lubrication between the bearings. In order to determine the sharpness of the cutting tool, the tool should be checked frequently to determine its sharpness, reduce unnecessary damage to other parts caused by the blunt blade, regularly check whether the belt is loose, and tighten it in time.

3. Restart - before the second start, the remaining debris in the machine room should be cleaned to reduce the start resistance. The inertia cover and pulley cover should be opened regularly to clean the ash outlet under the flange because the powder discharged from the crusher chamber enters the shaft bearing.

4. Replacement parts - when replacing the tool, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife. The thinner the recycled material, the larger the gap can be appropriately adjusted.

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