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Author: Baina Date: Jan 07, 2023

Working Process of Rubber Extruder

There are many types of rubber extruders. When purchasing rubber extruders, we should purchase them according to the purpose of the equipment. The configuration and design of different rubber extruders are different, but no matter what kind of rubber extruder, the working methods and processes in the production process are not much different.

Before we produce products, we need to heat up the screw and barrel of the rubber extruder. After the temperature of the equipment rises to the temperature we need, we can start the extruder equipment and fill the feeding system of the rubber extruder with raw materials. The rubber sheet is conveyed into the screw barrel by the forced car feeding roller of the feeding system for preheating. After the rubber is preheated, its fluidity increases and it is processed by a series of processes such as shearing, compression, and mixing by the screw. After the rubber is processed by the screw and barrel, a forward pressure is formed, and the rubber in a viscous state is continuously pushed to the die head of the extruder and passes through the die to form the shape of the product we need.

During the production of rubber products, the temperature of the equipment should be controlled at a temperature suitable for rubber production. The equipment should be heated up before production, and after the equipment is in operation, the rubber will be processed by the screw in the screw barrel to generate a self-generated temperature. In this case, the temperature of the rubber extruder will become higher and higher, and we need to cool down the equipment before the temperature rises to the specified value.

Generally, rubber extruders control the temperature of the equipment through the mold temperature controller, and the temperature of the equipment depends on the water medium to transfer the temperature to control the temperature of the equipment. The stable and uniform temperature change of the equipment can ensure the stability of the rubber product in the extrusion production process, so we must control the temperature of the equipment when extruding the product through the rubber extruder.

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