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1. Product name, specification model and equipment weight size:
1.1 Product Name: Cold Feed Extruder
1.2 Specification model: XJWP-120X20D
1.3 Equipment weight: about 5 tons
1.4 Dimensions (length X width X height): about 4200X1200X1600mm
1.5 Equipment layout:

1. Special rubber head; 2. Fuselage; 3. Five-section automatic temperature control system; 4. Feed roller device; 5. Feed hopper; 6. AC motor; 9. AC speed control cabinet; 10. Screw cooling Device; 11. Base.

2. Main technical performance parameters:
2.1 Screw diameter: Ф120nn
2.2 Working length of screw: 1920mm
2.3 Screw length to diameter ratio: 20:1
2.4 Screw speed: 4.5-45r/min
2.5 Drive motor power: 110kw-1500r/min
2.6 Power conditions: 3-phase, 380V
2.7 Adapted Mooney viscosity: ML (1+4) 100℃ 50-90
2.8 Design output: 500-600KG per hour

3. Technical description
3.1 Extruder:
3.1.1 Screw: (customized outsourcing)
A. Material: 38CrMoALA;
B. The surface is nitrided;
C. Hardness ≥ HRC62
D. Nitrogen layer depth ≥0.55mm
E. Structure: Adopts German Telest structure, with good extrusion stability and large glue output.
a. It has a hollow structure over the entire length of the screw to facilitate temperature control.
b. The rotation direction of the thread of the rotary joint is opposite to that of the screw.
c. The screw head size is according to the enterprise standard.
d. Do 10kg/cm2 inside the screw for more than 1 hour water pressure test without leakage.
3.1.2 Barrel and bushing:
A. Barrel
a. Welded structure, tempered after welding, do 10kg/cm2, hydraulic test for more than 1 hour, no leakage.
b. The fuselage flange connected to the machine head can be processed according to customer requirements.
B. Bush: with exhaust port, the exhaust port does not run rubber
a. Material: 38CrMoALA;
b. The surface is nitridized, and our factory heat treatment workshop has imported nitriding furnace;
c. Hardness ≥ HRC66;
d. Nitrogen layer depth ≥0.55mm;
3.1.3 Feeding roller: structure obtained national patent
A. Material: 38CrMoALA, roller surface nitriding treatment, hardness ≥HRC62, hard layer depth ≥0.55mm;
B. Structure:
a. Internal circulation of water;
b. Can be connected to rotary joint;
c. The feed roller gear is made of 20CrMoTi, and the surface is carburized. The average depth of carburizing is 1.5mm;
d. The feed roller is driven by the gear reducer shaft through the gear, and the speed ratio gear has sufficient strength and wear resistance;
e. The speed ratio gear is lubricated with grease;
f. There is a rubber scraper to scrape off the rubber material on the surface of the roller. The scraper is fixed on the barrel and the gap between the roller and the roller can be adjusted. The feeding roller can be rotated and opened;
g. The feed roller bearing is lubricated with grease.

3.1.4 Reducer Design conditions
A. Working condition coefficient ≥ 1.75 Three-stage transmission, parallel shaft output, noise less than 85db(A); The output shaft has a hollow structure, the screw is inserted into it and transmits torque; with peep window; has oil mark with scale and oil outlet with plug; A lubrication system composed of independent lubricating oil pumps, etc., to facilitate forced lubrication of gears and bearings; The top of the gearbox is equipped with an exhaust valve, and the oil outlet of the gearbox is located at the lowest part of the box;
3.1.5 Temperature control pipeline: The pipeline is arranged on the operation side of the extruder row; The soft connecting pipe should be resistant to temperatures above 120℃; All valves have nameplates; Hydrostatic test, under 10kg/cm2, under 1 hour of hydrostatic test, there is no leakage;
3.1.6 Base:
A. The extruder and the motor are installed on the same base;
B. Pins should be positioned between the upper and lower case of the gearbox;
C. The base has sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the torque and vibration loads of the extruder;
D. Rough machining the surface of the base for installation and connection;
E. There are more than two planes on the base to facilitate installation and alignment;
F. After the standard is installed, the center mark will be printed on the extruder, gearbox and machine base;
G. There are lifting hooks or lifting holes for lifting;
H. The area of ​​the base is as small as possible, but fully leave the motor installation position;
3.1.7 Temperature control device Structure and working principle:
The system adopts forced circulation of media, and controls the temperature of each section independently in six units. Each unit is composed of a water pump, an electric heater, a temperature control instrument, a cooling water on-off solenoid valve, an automatic exhaust valve, a platinum thermal resistance, and an electrical contact pressure. Table (shockproof) and other components, the circulating water pump injects the medium (softened water) into the electric heater (the automatic exhaust valve discharges the gas in the system), flows through the barrel through the pipeline, the machine head, and the screw return to the suction port of the pump After the temperature of each section is set, the circulating water will heat the barrel, head, screw, etc. through the heater or heat the barrel, head, screw, etc. in the working state due to the heat generated during the rubber material processing, Heat is discharged through circulating water, heating power per unit: 6KW, control temperature range: room temperature-90℃; control temperature accuracy: ± 2℃; (using imported constant temperature machine) Unit description
The first unit: control the screw temperature;
The second unit: control the temperature of the extrusion section of the barrel;
The third unit: controlling the temperature of barrel plasticizing section I;
Unit 4: Control the temperature of barrel plasticizing section II;
Unit 5: Control the temperature of barrel plasticizing section III;
Unit 6: Control the temperature of the feeding section of the barrel;
Unit 7: Control the head temperature. Suppliers and models of main supporting parts
Circulating water pump: German Wilo Company
Temperature regulator: Omron
3.1.8 Electrical control system:
The extruder is controlled by a DC drive and has protection functions such as overcurrent, overload, phase loss, undervoltage, demagnetization, and zero speed start of the main motor;


4. Details of main supporting parts

Serial number




AC drive

Delta Corporation


AC motor

Zhejiang Special Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Temperature controller



solid state relay



Circulating pump

German Wilo


Automatic disconnection, buttons, indicator lights, etc.



5. Power conditions
5.1 Main power supply: 3~~~380V/50Hz
5.2 Control power supply: 1~~~220V/50Hz
5.3 Water: 2kg/cm2
6. Coloring: Standard
6.1 Color:
A. Extruder, frame;
B. Temperature control;
C. Safety cover;
6.2 Paint method
A. Anti-rust primer: 2 layers
B. Toning topcoat: 2 layers
7. Noise and vibration:
7.1 Noise: 1 meter away from the equipment, noise ≤85dB(A)
7.2 The deviation of the center line between the motor and the reducer:
1) Angle deviation: 10/10mm
2) Center height difference: 5/100mm

8. Inspection and acceptance
8.1 Inspection before leaving the factory: In addition to the inspection according to the manufacturing process of the equipment itself, special inspections are also carried out on the following items;
8.1.1 Extruder
a. Screw and barrel dimensions;
b. Hardness of screw and barrel material.

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Order Guide:
1. Delivery date: 30-120 working days
2. Payment: T/T or L/C.
3. According to customer requirements, we provide a full range of equipment on time.
4. Responsible for training technicians and operators to operate and maintain equipment.
5. Responsible for installing and test all equipment.
6. Available formulation and long-term technical support.
7. Guarantee: Provide one-year warranty, lifetime tracking service and parts.
8. Metric units of the machine and all parameters of English.
9. Packing: Standard export wooden pallet.

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